Billy & Judy Jordan
2453 Bonny Dr
Hm # 321-632-4148 / Cell# 321-615-8878
STUD FEE $400.00/
DATE PAID__________

SIRE’S NAME:_________________________________________________________
SIRE’S AKC Reg. #____________________________________________________
SIRE’S DNA Profile #____________________________________________________

DAMS OWNER_______________________________________________________

DAM’S NAME: ________________________________________________________
DAM’S AKC Reg. # ___________________________________________________
__________________________ Date Witness by: __________________________
__________________________ Date Witness by: __________________________
__________________________ Date Witness by: __________________________
EXPECTANT DUE DATE :_____________________(63 days from first breeding)

The conditions of the contract are as follows:
1) It is understood that the OWNER of the STUD is not obligated to sign the application for registration of this
litter until the stud fee has been paid for in full,
2) The "Stud Owner/Agent" guarantees that the stud is potent, and that a mating was achieved on the above
3) (2) Puppies constitutes a litter. A repeat breeding will be granted back to the stud dog if, for any reason,
less than (2) puppies survive at
ONE day of age, 24 hours. WE MAY allow a different female if this female
becomes unbreedable, to be determined by owner of stud.
There will be NO refund of cash
4) The OWNER of the BITCH is responsible for any and all veterinary and financial arrangements, including,
but not limited to, traveling expenses, emergency veterinary care, veterinary care for puppies including,
but not limited to: visits, shots, health certificates for all puppies and all testing and
fees required by the
State of Florida to sale puppies..
5) A photocopy of
BITCH'S American Kennel Club Registration
6) The owner of Breeder Bitch hereby releases from responsibility Dachshunds-N-Doxies
from any and all liabilities and/or damages to said bitch while in his/her care for breeding
7) By this contract it is specifically agreed that the stud dog owner is not obligated to sign the application for
registration of this litter, until, and unless, the stud fee has been paid in full,
8) In order to assure myself of the pregnancy of the bitch, the right to see and examine her is hereby granted.
9) The pregnancy/non pregnancy must be confirmed in WRITING by a licenced veterinary and sent/faxed to the
breeder on or about the 50th day from the last breeding/mating of said BITCH

Owners signature__________________________________________Date___________

Breeders signature___________________________Date_______________

*** Additional Agreements/Conditions***


Dam Owner Initial here__________
Sire's owner Here______________