I am Your Puppy
I am your Puppy, and I will love you until the end of the Earth,
but please know a few things about me:

I am a Puppy, this means that my intelligence and capacity for learning
are the same as an 8-month-old child.

I am a Puppy; I will chew EVERYTHING I can get my teeth on. This is
how I explore and learn about the world. Even HUMAN children put
things in their mouths. It's up to you to guide me to what is mine to
chew and what is not.

I am a Puppy; I cannot hold my bladder for longer than 1 - 2 hours. I
cannot "feel" that I need to poop until it is actually beginning to come
out. I cannot vocalize nor tell you that I need to go, and I cannot have
"bladder and bowel control" until 6 - 9 months. Do not punish me if you
have not let me out for 3 hours and I tinkle. It is your fault.

As a Puppy, it is wise to remember that I NEED to go potty after: Eating,
Sleeping, playing, Drinking and around every 2 - 3 hours in addition. If
you want me to sleep through the night, then do not give me water after
8 p.m. A crate will help me learn to housebreak easier, and will avoid
you being mad at me.

I am a Puppy, accidents WILL happen, please be patient with me! In
time I will learn.

I am a Puppy, I like to play. I will run around, and chase imaginary
monsters, and chase your feet and your toes and 'attack' you, and
chase fuzz balls, other pets, and small kids. It is play; it's what I do. Do
not be mad at me or expect me to be sedate, mellow and sleep all day.
If my high energy level is too much for you, maybe you could consider
an older rescue from a shelter or Rescue group.

My play is beneficial, use your wisdom to guide me in my play with
appropriate toys, and activities like chasing a rolling ball, or gentle tug
games, or plenty of chew toys for me. If I nip you too hard, talk to me in
"dog talk", by giving a loud YELP, I will usually get the message, as this
is how dogs communicate with one another. If I get too rough, simply
ignore me for a few moments, or put me in my crate with an appropriate
chew toy.

I am a Puppy; hopefully you would not yell, hit, strike, kick or beat a
6-month-old human infant, so please do not do the same to me. I am
delicate, and also very impressionable. If you treat me harshly now, I
will grow up learning to fear being hit, spanked, kicked or beat. Instead,
please guide me with encouragement and wisdom. For instance, if I am
chewing something wrong, say, "No chew!" and hand me a toy I CAN

Better yet, pick up ANYTHING that you do not want me to get into. I
can't tell the difference between your old sock and your new sock, or
an old sneaker and your $200 Nikes.
I am a Puppy, and I am a creature with feelings and drives much like
your own, but yet also very different. Although I am NOT a human in a
dog suit, neither am I an unfeeling robot who can instantly obey your
every whim. I truly DO want to please you, and be a part of your family,
and your life.

You got me (I hope) because you want a loving partner and companion,
so do not relegate me to the backyard when I get bigger, do not judge
me harshly but instead mold me with gentleness and guidelines and
training into the kind of family member you want me to be here.

I am a Puppy and I am not perfect, and I know you are not perfect
either. I love you anyway. So please, learn all you can about training,
and puppy behaviors and caring for me from your Veterinarian, books on
dog care and even researching on the computer! Learn about my
particular breed and it's "characteristics", it will give you understanding
and insight into WHY I do all the things I do. Please teach me with love,
patience, the right way to behave and socialize me with training in a
puppy class or obedience class, we will BOTH have a lot of fun together.

I am a Puppy and I want more than anything to love you, to be with you,
and to please you. Won't you please take time to understand how I
work? We are the same you and I, in that we both feel hunger, pain,
thirst, discomfort, fear, but yet we are also very different and must work
to understand one another's language, body signals, wants and needs.
Some day I will be a handsome dog, hopefully one you can be proud of
and one that you will love as much as I love you.
Love, Your Puppy
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We are a small AKC breeder of Mini & small standard Dachshunds
all our doxies are HOME BRED & HAND RAISED, we do not
believe in cages or crates
dachshunds come in a variety of coats,& patterns and colors
We are located off 95 exit 201 in Florida.
A dep[osit of $150.00 is NON-REFUNDABLE FOR  a baby
dachshund but is required to have  if puppy is still available
If you need a loyal,loving ,honest & carring pet then got no
further as a DACHSHUND puppy is what you want for you and
your family
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50 Ways you can tell
you're in a Dachshund home....
1. Every purse and coat pocket is rifled when you walk
through the door.
2. The bed has sausage shaped lumps under the covers.
3. The doggie door is only 8" high.
4. You're face gets licked by a dog standing on the back
of the couch.
5. When you come into the house after being away only
minutes and
you are greeted like you've been gone for 10 years.
6. When someone hands you a tennis ball as soon as you
walk in the door.
7. When the owners introduce their Dachshund as their
oldest son.
8. Footstools are placed strategically around the furniture
and bed.
9. The house is decorated with Dachshund items.
10. The owner is decorated with Dachshund items.
11. Gates are placed in each doorway.
12. After the doorbell rings, you can't hear a thing for 10
13. The alarm clock is set for HIS wake up time.
14. Dachshund "nose art" is proudly displayed on each
15. There are at least 45 balls laying around the house.
16. All socks, underwear, and shoes have holes in them.
17. The sign outside the house says,
"Dachshund Lovers Parking Only."
18. You have to look before you take a step.
19. All squeak toys no longer have squeaking ability.
20. The doors to many rooms must remain closed.
21. The owner's bed never remains made.
22. Rugs and furniture are all dark colors.
23. The cat litter box magically cleans itself.
24. You will find dogs instead of clothes in the laundry
25. When you arrive, you find the living room covered with
chewed up toilet paper rolls, Kleenex, etc...
26. All snow is shovelled from the yard to protect the "Doo-Dats” of
male Dachshunds.
27. You notice small fox holes in the yard.
28. You are kindly told not to eat the green beans and carrots
because they are for the dogs.
29. Toy boxes are bone shaped.
30. All waste baskets and trash cans are elevated
at least 3 ft. from the ground.
31. There is a Bissell Green Machine always within reach.
32. A cupboard is full of tiny clothes that were purchased before
the owner realized that Dachshunds would rather remain nudists.
33. Company doesn't come around much anymore.
34. The owner talks a lot about getting a super king-sized bed.
35. The living room looks like it's covered with snow
due to the batting which came out of de-stuffed toys.
36. Blankets cover each piece of furniture for
better burrowing purposes.
37. The owner has no food yet his Dachshund
has plenty of premium dog food.
38. The mailman is warned,
"Watch out or he'll bite a hole in your sock."
39. The mailman passes a brightly colored card
to other mailmen saying,
"A dangerous animal lives inside. Do not use mail slot."
40. Bricks are placed inside trash cans.
41. The Dachshund gets kisses before
the owner's significant other.
42. The owner runs around looking for a "sitter"
if they're going to be gone for more than a few hours.
43. It is too dangerous to walk around the house
without shoes because of partly chewed up Nyla-Bones.
44. Little blue pee-pads are placed by the back door.
45. You notice that the Dachshunds receive more
Christmas presents than human kids.
46. All the owner's computer "favourites"
are Dachshund related.
47. The grass is mowed very very very short.
48. There is always plenty of toilet paper to pick up poops.
49. The owner's bed is covered with no less than 4 gutted toys,
3 balls, and 2 nyla- bones.
50. You are immediately told not to sit in the dog's chair
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